Best Practices

Tips to ensure the fastest presentation possible

Preload Your Assets
In advance of your presentation, if on the iPad, slide across all main badges, mini badges, images, videos and documents which will improve the flow of your presentation. These assets are called from the Cloud so it is nice to have them preloaded before the presentation. If you want to email documents to your customers and prospects make sure you clear your document cart by tapping or clicking on the new session box before each call. This will ensure your next presentation is customized for that buyer.

Resizing Your Brand Logo (and other images)
To make your App run most efficiently, be sure to use screen-resolution quality (72 dpi) images, not print-quality images. Using any image-editing tool you have, open your logo/image and select the RESIZE options.  You can change the DPI (dots per inch) to 72.  Doing this will decrease the size of the image.  You can then specify the width you want.  Be sure to have "maintain constraints" checked, and the resulting image will be the appropriate height. Save this appropriately-sized version of your logo and load that to your CMS.

How do I use the HTML 5 Web version or link for Marketing or Presenting?
In the Content Management System (CMS) you can access the HTML 5 link. That has all of the content that is available in the iPad Application. This HTML 5 link can be distributed via email, embedded in a graphic on your website.