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1. How do I download content to my iPad so I can present without an Internet connection?

Answer: Below each Video, Image, and Document you will see a gray file folder. Tap on that and the asset will download to your local iPad.

2. Can I email documents from multiple product categories at the same time?

Answer: Yes, you can email multiple documents across multiple brands, products or services.

3. Can I also email videos and images?

Answer: Yes, but it is currently available only in the Enterprise Solution.

4. When you view a video you have already downloaded, does it count against your downloads again?

Answer: No, this does not count against your package allotment. This allows you to have unlimited viewing of your videos. This is a great way to manage your downloads and easily stay within the purchased plan.

5. Why do I see a white box just before the main product graphic appears?

Answer: The image assets are being called from the CLOUD. This can take a second or two to load when calling the graphics for the first time.

6. Can I email multiple documents at a time?

Answer: Yes, you can email multiple documents at the same time.

7. Can I link out to the web from within the App?

Answer: Yes, you have mulitple options to add web links within the App.

8. Does the HTML 5 Web version require an Internet access at all times to be viewed?

Answer: Yes, this is a web only version and does require an Internet connection every time.

9. When I upload content does it populate the App and the HTML 5 Version automatically?

Answer: Yes, when you upload Videos, Images, and Documents they are available for both the iPad and the HTML 5 Web version immediately.

10. What's the difference between the iPad App and the HTML 5 Web version?

Answer: The iPad App has a feature that allows you to download video, images, and documents locally to the iPad device not requiring an Internet connection. The HTML 5 Web version can be distributed electronically - providing a mass marketing opportunity and/or the ability to create a presentation with corporate control to a broker or distributor sales network.

11. What devices does the HTML 5 Web version work on?

Answer: PC, Mac, Tablets

12. Can I tell what content is being viewed?

Answer: Yes, the analytics track how many times the Video, Images, and documents are downloaded.

13. When content is downloaded locally to my iPad can I tell what content is being viewed?

Answer: No, there is no tracking once content is downloaded to the iPad locally.

14. When I purchase a subscription to Perfect Pitch 24 do I have to choose between the iPad App and the HTML 5 Web version?

Answer: No, the good news is that you get access to both the App and the HTML 5 Web version.

15. How do I add content to my Perfect Pitch 24?

Answer: You add content to your Content Management System (CMS) by logging in to your account and uploading the Video, Images and Documents you want through your PP24 dashboard.

16. How do I add a Brand?

Answer: From the PP24 Dashboard, select UPLOAD YOUR CONTENT. Click on BRAND -- This will display your brand list. Select ADD/EDIT BRAND in the upper right. The Add-A-Brand interface screen will now appear. Populate the 6 fields and hit SUBMIT. Your brand will now be available.

Step 1: Name your Brand
note: if the term "Brand" is not right for you, please click on the CUSTOMIZE TAB NAME at the top and name your tabs anything you want. Instead of Brand some users have used the term Products, Services Category etc..

Step 2: Fill in the Brand Link
This is an optional feature to add a specific URL.
Note: This feature will allow you to link to a website right out of the APP/Html 5 web version during your presentation. The link will be embedded in the small brand logo that you will upload.

Step 3: Upload the Brand Logo or Image
Note: This will be the entry point to access all of the Documents, Videos and Images that you upload related to that Brand. (Insert Image Showing the Large Brand IMAGE)

Step 4: Upload the Small Brand Logo or Image
Note: This will sit in the lower left hand corner once you enter the Brand and it will link out to website that you put into the brand link area.(Insert small brand page here)

Step 5: Submit
Note: this is the same as saving the Brand info you have upload.

Step 6: Now you can add Documents and Media that belong to that Brand
Note: Media is where you will upload any images or videos.

17. Can I sort the list of Brands?

Answer: Click on the column heading "Name" to toggle between sorting brand ascending or descending.  Click on the column heading "Created On" to toggle between sorting creation date, ascending or descending.

18. How do I change Brand information?


From your list of BRANDS, look at the far right of the row that contains the brand you wish to edit.  The first icon under the MANAGE column is the "EDIT" icon.  (shown to the left)  Click this icon to open the Brand in edit mode.

19. How do I publish a Brand so it appears in the iPad App?

Answer: From UPLOAD YOUR CONTENT, select BRANDS.  On each Brand's row, there is a yellow LOCK icon under the Manage Column to the right.  If at any time you do not want that brand to appear to users, click the yellow Lock Icon to "LOCK" the brand. To have the brand appear to all users, click the yellow Lock Icon to "UNLOCK" the brand and make it available.  The Lock Icon: 

20. How can I see how many times my products (Video/Image/Documents) have been accessed?

Answer: A full analytics report is available to show you how many times each product has been downloaded by users. From your dashboard, select VIEW DETAILED ANALYTICS, which appears below the Upload and Download graph statistics.

21. How do I add/upload a Video, Image or Document to the CMS?

Answer: From the PP24 Dashboard, select UPLOAD YOUR CONTENT.
To add/edit MEDIA (video or images), click on Media.
To add/edit DOCUMENTS, click on Documents.
NOTE:  If you have opt'd to create custom tags to replace the terms Brand, Media, and Document, those labels will be different.

22. How can I sequence my documents?

Answer: Open your Brand Product panel so you see all the products and documents. Click on the document you wish to reorder, drag it to the desired location, and release the mouse. You have now rearranged the order the documents will appear.

23. Can I download a document from the CMS?

Answer: Yes, you can click on any of your documents by clicking on the icon of that document. Your download window will appear.

24. Can I download an Image from my CMS?

Answer: Yes, you can click on any of your images and they will enlarge. Right click and choose "Save As" to download.

25. What is the VMS tab on the CMS Dashboard?

Answer: Please ignore the VMS button.

26. What is the "Get User Link" tab on the CMS Dashboard?

Answer: The "Get User Link" option the CMS Dashboard provides the link to the HTML 5 Web Version of the Perfect Pitch 24. If a user does not have an iPad available, they can always access the Web Version if they have Internet Access.

27. What is the "Feedback Emails" tab on the CMS Dashboard?

Answer: The "Feedback Emails" tab will show a list of all feedback emails receieved from users of your App.